Insight builds foresight – thoughtful and current insight to build winning business strategies

Current insight into customers, competition, trends and financials builds the foresight needed for a successful business. Our insight is always up to date and tailored for each assignment. There are no template approaches.  

Most live well businesses are young, dynamic, and adapting to new customers and technologies – even to emerging competitors.   Insight is critical to evaluate the patterns and turn them into possibilities for new or existing businesses and lends the biggest chance of success.

"Anne was one of the first executives in the Spa industry to recognize the potential profits that spas could generate if they were run like a business.  In developing FRHI’s spa business, Anne combined her extensive operations experience with her creativity and deep knowledge of the industry to create one of the leading spa brands in the world- both in terms of profitability and the guest experience."
Tom Storey  President of Hospitality for SONIFI Solutions, former President of Fairmont


• Insight reviews for the market, customer, brand and trends to maximize possibilities

• Market pulse and competitive analysis to help show a clear path forward

• Financial feasibility (and financial reviews) to determine viability or diagnose opportunities

• Strategies or road maps to shape or sharpen Live Well Businesses

Sample Case - Fairmont Spas Inc.

Challenge:   Garner insight into the underlying reasons for the boom in spa development (in 1999) and to determine the business opportunity for Fairmont Hotels & Resorts.

Process: A review of the spa customer profile and potential– including insight from a cultural anthropologist, on-line anonymous interviews with users/non-users and a series of regional focus groups to provide insight into wellness decisions. A review of the business potential including competitive spa financial performance and determination that there was no standard accounting practice, nor consistent measurement or benchmarking.

Result: Set up Fairmont Spas Inc. to focus on the business of spas and drive incremental asset value to the properties. Implemented companywide chart of accounts and metrics for spa performance.   Developed an internal spa “school” for all spa directors to ensure a business approach and understanding.

Result: Developed a branded spa strategy with the launch of Willow Stream Spas and drove incremental guest satisfaction, above industry financial spa performance and an increase in overall hotel spend from spa guests.


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