Passion often drives a live well concept but the business side also needs nurturing.

We believe businesses succeed by focusing on revenue and that a revenue culture has to be infused – often in creative ways to align with colleague culture.   Driving the top line with average rate, maximizing demand, opening multiple channels is a necessary daily discipline.  

We have been champions for industry benchmarking to drive improved performance. Measuring against industry-wide standards helps keep us on track against the competition but also puts realistic numbers and expectations in front of investors. 

“Anne has one of the world’s strongest spa business minds.  She pioneered systematic benchmarking, developed spa business and revenue management tools and training, and created strong analytics to guide success -  all the while building a team of skilled business managers rather than just spa operators.”

Kenneth Ryan,  Senior Director Global Spa Operations, Marriott International


• Revenue development plans to increase the top line immediately

• Business and revenue audits to diagnose opportunities

• Revenue management strategies and programs and training to develop a revenue culture

• Destination marketing strategies for wellness concepts or tourism authorities

Sample Case - Increase Spa Revenue Contribution

Challenge: Maximize the revenue contribution from spas to the hotels in Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

Process: Spa revenue opportunities existed with on property guests and locals for services, membership, retail, and in other areas outside the spa as well. There was limited time and talent in the spas to address this.

A co-op marketing program was initiated to pool financial resources and develop brand-wide programs that were able to be tailored locally – similar to a franchise model.   Revenue management strategies were developed including a consistent approach to pricing avoiding discounting and then later revenue management training programs. A revenue culture was addressed with a program called Energy Masters – a recognition and reward system to develop knowledge of the brand, customer feedback and retail sales with therapists.  

Results:   Willow Stream co-op marketing programs grew to include monthly offers to a shared global customer data base offered through multiple channels.   Indicators such as Klout scores and open rates exceeded industry averages. Customer data indicated these spa guests had a higher overall spend than many other hotel market segments.   On line booking tools were developed to further enhance results.

Sample Case - Tourism Ontario, Canada

Challenge: Develop a new segmented approach to marketing tourism in Ontario

Process: As Director of Tourism Marketing for the Province of Ontario in the 1980’s, we had traditionally been marketing the destination as either an entire entity or by smaller regions. We identified from the call center data that customers were increasingly interested in more customized approaches.  

Based on a growing ability to gain information about customer interests and some new ways to segment, we launched a direct marketing program against specific vacation or personal interests - a first in the industry.  

Results: Launched specific and separate campaigns for anglers, adventure vacations and resorts.  Each of these programs won Direct Marketing Association Gold or Silver awards for creativity AND results. It also enabled destination marketing campaigns to be measured for specific results and booking levels.    


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